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Fieldwork: Envronmental evaluation
Developing a strategy for evaluating the environment
Environmental evaluation  
Fracking: Recipe for the perfect fracking fluid
Make your own fluid to fracture hydraulically (frack) methane-bearing shale
Fracking fluid recipe  
From rain to spring: water from the ground
Demonstrating how water flows through the ground - and how it can be used and polluted
From rain to spring: water from the ground Extension
Gold prospectors
Panning for ‘gold’ in river sediment
Gold panning  
Hydrothermal mineralisation - interactive (ELI+)
‘The rock with the hole’ hydrothermal mineralisation demo
Hydrothermal mineralisation  
Make and use your own Plaster of Paris
Investigate a large-scale industrial process in a boiling tube
Make and use your own Plaster of Paris  
Make your own oil and gas reservoir
Demonstrating how oil and water flow through permeable rocks
Make your own oil and gas reservoir  
Make your own soil
Investigating the type and origin of the ingredients of soil
Make your own soil  
Modelling for Rocks: what’s hidden inside - and why?
Investigating the permeability of rocks and how they let water, oil and gas flow through
Modelling for rocks Extension
Permeability of soil - ‘The great soil race’
Investigating the properties of different soils by pouring water on them
Permeability of soils  
Power through the window
Which power source might be built in the view you can see from your window?
Power through the window  
Quarry through the window - what would you see, what would you not see?
Asking pupils to ‘picture’ what a ‘quarry through the window” might look like
Quarry through the window  
Riches in the river
Investigating how valuable ores may become concentrated on river beds
Riches in the river Extension
Rock power: geothermal power simulations (ELI+)
Modelling geothermal power sources - renewable or not?
Rock power  
Rocks to eat?
How we get the elements we need to stay healthy
Rocks to eat?  
Smelter on a stick (ELI+)
Smelting iron ore to iron on a gas burner
Iron ore smelting  
So, you want to conserve a geodiversity site
What could you do if you wanted to conserve a geoscience site?
Conserving a geodiversity site  
Soil doughnuts
Sorting out soils
Soil doughnuts  
Soil layers puzzle
Make your own soil profile and investigate others
Soil layers puzzle  
Take it or leave it? - the geoconservation debate
When is collecting wrong, and when is it right? - try to decide for yourself
Trapped! Why can’t oil and gas escape from their underground prison?
Demonstrate how oil and gas can be trapped in reservoir rocks beneath the surface
Trapped! Why can’t oil and gas escape from their underground prison?  
Water - a matter of taste or a taste of matter?
Is all water the same?
Water Extension
‘Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink’
Investigating how to get clean water from dirty ‘pond’ water
How to get clean water from dirty ‘pond’ water  
Well, well, well!
Making a working model of a well
Well model  
What am I made of? (ELI+)
A comparison between the chemistry of the human body and the rest of the Earth
What am I made of?  
Where does offshore oil come from?
An activity to dispel misconceptions about the source of oil
Offshore oil  
Which power source? - solving the crisis in Kiama (ELI+)
Searching for all the power sources that could be developed in a mythical country
Power sources Extension
Why does soil get washed away?
Investigating why some farmers lose their soil through erosion whilst others do not
Why does soil get washed away? Extension
Why is the Dead Sea dead?
Measuring salinity
Dead Sea - salinity