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Natural Hazards Activities

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Best classroom eruption?
Which type of classroom eruption best shows how volcanoes erupt?
Best classroom eruption? Teaching videos
Catastrophic processes: If a sedimentary bed were laid down outside now – what would it be like?
A discussion of beds and catastrophic processes
Catastrophic processes - beds  
Catastrophic processes: What catastrophic natural processes affected your region in the geological past?
Use the evidence in your local region to interpret dramatic geological events
Catastrophic natural processes  
Dam burst danger
Modelling the collapse of a natural dam in the mountains - and the disaster that might follow
Dam burst danger  
Danger - quicksands!
Why do some rocks give way when it rains hard?
Earthquake in your classroom
A classroom earthquake intensity scale
Earthquake in your classroom  
Earthquake prediction - when will the earthquake strike?
Modelling the build-up of stress and sudden release in the Earth that creates earthquakes
Earthquake prediction Teaching videos
Earthquake through the window - what would you see, what would you feel?
Asking pupils to picture for themselves what an earthquake through the window might look like
Earthquake through the window Extension
Earthquakes in art
Developing a scientific report based on evidence in historic paintings
Earthquakes in art  
Eruption through the window
How could an eruption transform your view?- lava, ash, lahar or something worse
Eruption through the window Video (Kalapana, Hawaii)
Failing slopes
Modelling how rock cliffs and slopes can collapse
Failing slopes  
Flood through the window - what would you see, how would you feel?
Pupils picture for themselves what a major flood through the window might look like
Flood through the window What was it like to be there - Manila 26 Sept 2009
Jelly/biscuit modelling of how earthquake waves amplify and devastate
Demonstrating how seismic shaking depends on local geology
Modelling earthquake wave amplification Video
Krakatoa - The balloon goes up at Krakatoa
Using a tank and balloon to simulate the huge tsunamis caused by the eruption of Krakatoa
Krakatoa - tsunamis  
Landslide through the window - what would you see, what would you feel? Asking pupils to picture for themselves what a landslide through the window might look like Landslide through the window Extension
Video (Calabria, Italy)
Quake shake - will my home collapse?
When an earthquake strikes - investigate why some buildings survive and others do not
Quake Shake Extension
Columns in Rome
Video  Photos
Sink hole!
Demonstrate sink hole processes in action
Sink hole  
Shaken but not stirred?
How earthquakes affect buildings
Shaken but not stirred?  
Spaghetti quakes
Why are big earthquakes so much more destructive than small ones?
Spaghetti quakes  
Surviving an earthquake
Learn the earthquake drill and increase your chances of survival
Surviving an earthquake Video
Tsunami alert! Run for the hills or stay by the sea?
Why does one type of earthquake produce a tsunami, whilst another does not?
Tsunami alert!  
Tsunami through the window - what would you see, what would you feel?
Asking pupils to picture for themselves what a tsunami through the window might look like
Tsunami through the window Extension
Pupils work - Portugal
What controls the speed of a tsunami wave?
Tsunami Extension
Which natural hazards could damage the area where you live?
How safe is your home area?
Natural hazards in your area?