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Rock Cycle
Earth’s structure
Plate tectonics
Volcanic eruptions
Will my gravestone last?
Any quarry guide
Dynamic rock cycle
Investigating Earth’s structure
The plate tectonic story
Will my gravestone last?
Any quarry guide

Videos & question scripts using CASE
(Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education)

Earthlearningideas can be used to develop critical thinking skills and knowledge and understanding.

Professional Development workshops

Slide presentations with hyperlinks to the videos
plus comprehensive workshop booklets


    Using CASE
    Atmosphere and ocean in a tank - an example using CASE

Rock cycle

    Laying out the rock cycle
    Transportation and deposition
    Compaction and cementation
    Deformation and uplift
    Rock cycle review - plenary

Dynamic rock cycle workshop

    Dynamic rock cycle.pptx or use pdf below -
    Dynamic rock cycle.pdf
    Workshop booklet

Earth’s structure

    Clay balls and Earth’s structure
    Orange to Earth
    Earthquake waves
    Seismic evidence and potty putty mantle
    Journey to the centre of the Earth - on a toilet roll
    Wax magnetic field and magnetic Earth

Investigating Earth’s structure workshop

    Investigating Earth’s structure.pptx  or use pdf below -
    Investigating Earth’s structure.pdf
    Workshop booklet

Plate tectonics

    Big picture ‘facts’, earthquakes and plates
    What drives the plates?
    Heat flow, age of the ocean floor and plate speed
    Divergent plate margins
    Magnetic stripes
    Convergent margins
    Continental jigsaw puzzles
    Party popper eruption
    Plate tectonics plenary

The plate tectonic story workshop

         In two parts for ease of download
    Plate tectonic story, part 1.pptx or use pdf below -
    Plate tectonic story, part 1.pdf
    Plate tectonic story, part 2.pptx or use pdf below -
    Plate tectonic story, part 2.pdf
    Workshop booklet

Volcanic eruptions

    Best classroom eruption


    From rain to spring - groundwater

Will my gravestone last? A churchyard survey

    Will my gravestone last?

Will my gravestone last? workshop

    Will my gravestone last?.pptx or use pdf below -
    Will my gravestone last?.pdf
    Workshop booklet

Any quarry guide - how to study a quarry, cliff or rock face

    Any quarry guide

Any quarry guide workshop

    Any quarry guide.pptx or use pdf below -
    Any quarry guide.pdf
    Workshop booklet for TEACHERS
    Workshop booklet for PUPILS