Video Activity 4c Spot that rock - rocky modelling: options

Video question script Spot that rock

ELI activities Rock detective - rocky clues to the past; investigating your local rocks to find out how they formed
Modelling for rocks: What’s hidden inside - and why? Investigating the permeability of rocks and how they let water, oil and gas flow through
Does my rock hold water and will water flow through it? Investigating the differences between porosity and permeability

Video 1   - Rock clues
Video 2   - Grain clues
Video 3   - Predicting properties
Video 4a - Rocky modelling: 2D model
Video 4b - Rocky modelling: adding water
Video 4d - Rocky modelling: tipping container/rock
Video 5   - Weak or strong?
Video 6   - Rock sort 1: two great groups
Video 7   - Rock sort 2: striped rock
Video 8   - Rock sort 3: all rocks
Video 9   - Sedimentary to metamorphic
Video 10 - Naming rocks