Video Activity 3 Spot that rock - predicting properties

Video question script Spot that rock

ELI activities Rock detective - rocky clues to the past; investigating your local rocks to find out how they formed
Modelling for rocks: What’s hidden inside - and why? Investigating the permeability of rocks and how they let water, oil and gas flow through

Video 1   - Rock clues
Video 2   - Grain clues
Video 4a - Rocky modelling: 2D model
Video 4b - Rocky modelling: adding water
Video 4c - Rocky modelling: options
Video 4d - Rocky modelling: tipping container/rock
Video 5   - Weak or strong?
Video 6   - Rock sort 1: two great groups
Video 7   - Rock sort 2: striped rock
Video 8   - Rock sort 3: all rocks
Video 9   - Sedimentary to metamorphic
Video 10 - Naming rocks