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Earth as a system
Earth energy / processes
Earth in Space
Earth materials
Evolution of life

Geological time
Investigating the Earth
Natural hazards
Resources and Environment

Earth as a system

Atmosphere and ocean in a tank: High flow, low flow?


Earth energy / processes

    Plate Tectonics
Wegener’s ‘Continental drift’ meets Wilson’s ‘Plate tectonics’
Continental split - the opening of the Atlantic Ocean.
Plotting the movement of continents using apparent polar wandering curves
Transform faults

    Folding and faulting
Himalayas in 30 seconds!
Banana benders
Deformed trilobites
Valley in 30 seconds - pulling rocks apart

Metamorphism - that’s Greek for ‘change of shape’ isn’t it? (16+)

    Sedimentary processes
Weathering limestone - with my own breath! (Catalan)
Grinding and gouging; how moving ice can grind away rocks (Portuguese)

    Sedimentary structures
How symmetrical ripple marks form in sand
How asymmetrical ripple marks form in sand


Earth in Space

Craters on the Moon (Portuguese)


Earth materials

Darwin’s ‘big soil idea’


Evolution of life

Curious creatures - Cambrian explosion song
Become a fossil hunter and dig up a dinosaur
Mary Anning Animation by Anna Humphries, BBC website
Shell shake - why is the fossil record incomplete?
History of Life on Earth in 60 seconds


Geological time

Radioactive dating of rocks and minerals


Investigating the Earth

Darwin’s ‘big coral atoll idea’
Using an orange to model different densities of the Earth’s layers (Portuguese)
When will it blow? - predicting eruptions
Slinky seismic waves demo (Catalan)


Natural hazards

Eruption of Kalapana, Hawaii
Blow up your own volcano!

Quake shake -why some buildings survive and others do not
Modelling how earthquake waves amplify and devastate, depending on local geology
Spaghetti quakes; why are big earthquakes so much more destructive than small ones? (Catalan)
Surviving an earthquake

What controls the speed of a tsunami wave?

Landslide through the window (Norway)

    Sink holes
Sink holes (Catalan)


Resources and Environment

Why does soil get washed away?