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British Geological Survey Geoscenic - UK national archive of geological photos - free to download.

Earth Science Activities and Demonstrations - Mike Tuke's activities and demonstrations provide a thousand and one ideas for teaching Geology:
visual aids, demonstrations, short activities, paper exercises and experiments.

ESEU - Earth Science Education Unit: unit offering professional development workshops to science teachers across the UK.

ESTA - Earth Science Teachers' Association: UK national association supporting geoscience education.

Geograph Britain and Ireland - the aim is to photograph every 1 km grid square in the UK - photos are free.

Geological Society (Rock Cycle) - Rock cycle for teachers and pupils - part of the Geological Society of London's website.

JESEI - The Joint Earth Science Education Initiative: resources to help biology, chemistry and physics teachers to teach Earth science.

STEMNET Resource Bank - database of practical resources.

EGU - European Geosciences Union, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the geosciences and the planetary and space sciences for the benefit of humanity.

ICASE - International Council of Associations for Science Education: international organisation of all science education associations.

IGEO - International Geoscience Education Organisation: organisation supporting geoscience education development and running four-yearly international GeoSciEd conferences.

IUGS - International Union of Geological Sciences: international organisation supporting geoscience.

IUGS-COGE - Commission on Geoscience Education: IUGS commission leading international geoscience education development.

Science Teaching Alive - science teachers and local teacher networks can share ideas, resources and experiences - of particular interest to those working in developing countries.

EDRSR - Educational Research and Science Resources, New Zealand. NZ Earth Learning Ideas (NZELis) are available from this site.

Micro My Earth - Portal for geological resources, software, webinars and more to teach, learn and share geology in the classroom, at work and at home.

AGIWEB - American Geological Institute: US organisation of geoscientists supporting geoscience education.

DLESE - Digital Library for Earth Science Education: a comprehensive database of Earth science teaching resources.

NAGT - National Association of Geoscience Teachers: the US association supporting Earth science teachers.

NESTA - National Earth Science Teachers' Association: the US association supporting Earth science teachers.

ESSEA - Earth System Science Education Alliance courses

AGI - The American Geological Institute Earth Science World Image Bank.

ESWA - Earth Science Western Australia

AEPECT - Asociación Española para la enseñanza de las Ciencias de la Tierra: La organización de profesores de Ciencias de la Tierra de España, Portugal e Hispano-América.

GEOCAMP - a website devoted to field activities in Geology. It is a free website available for both teachers and students who carry out field exercises as part of their teaching or learning. It is an hypermedia resource in Catalan, Spanish and English, containing original teaching materials and several links, with all kind of topics related to field exercises in the Earth Sciences. The website includes a desktop publishing tool - the GEOCAMP-EDITOR - a software application that permits the user to load, from anywhere in the world, the text and figures that build up the description of a point or route of geological interest. Once information is loaded, a document is automatically generated. This document can be accessed as HTML format or downloaded as a PDF to be used as a field guide.

Naturfagsenteret - Nasjonalt senter for naturfag i opplaeringen.

Geologi.No - Planeten Jordens år (IYPE).

ANISN - Associazione Nazionale degli Insegnanti di Scienze Naturali.