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ELI Photo gallery 2020

EGU/APPBG teacher-training course
Lamego, Portugal Jan-Feb 2020

Make your own rock

Himalayas in 30 seconds

Grinding and gouging

Ice power - weathering

Continental jigsaw puzzles


Faults in MarsTM bars

Continents in collision

Predicting eruptions - When will it blow?

Partial melting

From an orange to the whole Earth

Time-line in your own backyard

Workshop in Torrent, near Valencia, Spain, February
Rock, rattle and roll

What drives the plates?

Slinky seismic waves demo

Workshop in Nice, France, March
Time-line in your own backyard

Time-line in your own backyard

Our Catalan colleagues recording a video
for ExpoMiner, an annual event in Barcelona (October)

Demonstrating ‘Rock detective’

Is the sandstone bubbling?