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ELI Photo gallery 2024


EGU workshop tour in Murcia, SE Spain
Earth science outdoors, Lorca

Cross-cutting relationships, Cartagena

Slinky seismic waves demo, Cartagena

EGU workshop St Mary’s University, UK
Freeze-thaw weathering

Weathering limestone

Quake shake

EGU workshop Manchester University, UK

Rock cycle in wax

Modelling tsunamis waves

EGU workshop Geological Society Publishing House, UK
Journey to the centre of the Earth on a toilet roll

P and S waves . . ready, steady . .

P and S waves . . Go!

EGU workshop, organised by ANISN, Naples, Italy
Modelling magnetic Earth . . .

. . . with a stress ball, needle & thread

Volcano in the lab

EGU workshop, Valadares, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Scary scorpions

Toilet roll of time

Washing line of time