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ELI Photo gallery 2023


EGU-GEFO workshop, Stuttgart, Germany
How long does it take - quick to very, very slow?

Toilet roll of time


EGU workshop, Reading, UK
Sea level in a plastic cup

Weathering limestone - with my own breath

What controls the speed of a tsunami wave?

Successful workshop, Kara Town, North Togo, West Africa

‘Spot that rock’

Rock and fossil classification

EGU workshop in Valladolid, Spain
Volcano in the lab

Human seismic waves

Himalayas in 30 seconds

EGU workshop, University of Cambridge, UK
Quake shake; will my building collapse?

What controls the speed of a tsunami wave?

Rock cycle in wax

EGU primary workshop, Trieste, Italy
Rubber ducks at sea

Modelling the ocean and atmosphere

Sink holes and subsidence