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ELI Photo gallery 2022


VII International meeting of Casa das Ciências,
Oporto, Portugal, 20-22 July

Metamorphism - that’s Greek for change of shape isn’t it?

Cracking apart


Mighty river in a small gutter

Make your own rock

Himalayas in 30 seconds

ESTA Summer School - 1-5 August,
Aquinas College, Stockport, England


Washing line of time

Symmetrical sand ripples in a tank

Seismic waves - pupil molecules

Building silicates

IGEO/IUGS Field Officer’s workshop,
University of Lomé, Togo, August 12th

Volcano in the lab

Volcano simulation

Time-line in your own backyard

Rock detective

Rock detective

Rock, rattle and roll

Mighty river in a small gutter