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Which of these rocks would be good for:

  • Making a statue?
  • Building a dam?
  • Making a fireplace?
  • Solid foundations?

Which of the rocks would be best for:

  • Storing water within it?
  • Storing oil or gas within it?
  • Showing that sedimentary rocks are made of lots of fragments?
  • Showing that igneous rocks have interlocking crystals?
  • Showing that metamorphic rocks often have aligned minerals?
  • Showing that some rocks contain traces of past life?

Which rocks (2 or more) would best show:

  • Sedimentary rocks ranging from coarse to fine?
  • The difference between igneous rocks that formed by slow cooling and fast-cooled igneous rocks?
  • Metamorphic rocks that don’t have aligned minerals?
  • The metamorphic rocks that show a sequence of increasing metamorphism from an initial mudstone sedimentary rock?