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Contributions to ELI

Anyone who would like to submit an Earthlearningidea is welcome to do so:

It should be -

  • based on relatively simple ideas (i.e. not requiring high levels of abstract thinking);
  • either using apparatus likely to be found in a normal school science laboratory, or simple apparatus that might be available in classrooms with few resources, or no apparatus at all;
  • written to the Earthlearningidea format using Earthlearningidea headings, on just 2 pages

    Earthlearningidea template.docx  and  Earthlearningidea template - explained.docx

If your idea meets our criteria, we will be very happy to edit and publish it.
We shall continue to publish one Earthlearningidea (ELI) or Earthlearningidea plus (ELI+) every two weeks.
We look forward to hearing from you!

The Earthlearningidea Team.

We wish to express our very grateful thanks to many people who have contributed to ELI,
especially to the following for writing a complete draft activity:-