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Backgrounds of the Earthlearningidea Team
Since a number of the people who use our Earthlearningidea website have asked for more details of the team members, they are (reluctantly) given below.

Chris King:  chris@earthlearningidea.com

Peter Kennett:  peter@earthlearningidea.com

  • degree in geology at University College, University of London and an MSc in applied geophysics at Durham University
  • worked with the British Antarctic Survey as a field geophysicist for 5 years, during part of which he overwintered in Antarctica
  • teaching certificate (PGCE) at Birmingham University
  • taught for 5 years in one state school and 29 years at a second state school - geology, other sciences and geography
  • founder member of the Earth Science Teachers’ Association (ESTA) (originally the Association of Teachers of Geology)
  • founded the Earth Science Education Unit (ESEU) with Chris King - secondary facilitator
  • former Vice-President of the Yorkshire Geological Society and a voluntary tutor with the Ecton Hill Field Studies Association where he leads geological courses and mine visits

Elizabeth Devon:  elizabeth@earthlearningidea.com