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Acknowledgements and grateful thanks

The ELi team wishes to thank the following people and organisations for their support of Earthlearningidea

  • Geologists’ Association, Curry Fund for a grant to host this website on a dedicated server from July 2014.The Applied and Environmental Geophysics Research Group at Keele University for their generosity in hosting this website from November 2008 to July 2014 free of charge.
  • José Sellés Martínez - Spanish translation by AulaGEA, a service for teachers and learners of the Dept. of Geology of the University of Buenos Aires
    La traducción al español ha sido realizada por Aulagea, el programa de extensión del Departamento de Geología de la Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales de la Universidad de Buenos Aires.

  • Merethe Frøyland - Norwegian translations by Kari Beate Remmen and Anne Kristine Byhring, sponsored by the Norwegian Committee of the Year of Planet Earth - Geologi.No
  • Roberto Greco - Professor Dr. Roberto Greco Instituto de Geociências - Unicamp co-ordinated the Italian translations until 2011 and has co-ordinated the Portuguese translations since 2014.
    Portuguese translations are hosted on a specially designed website by Carlos Robson Alves de Oliveira and maintained by Tatiane Carolina Morellato and then by Douglas Sena Rodrigues (Unicamp students).
    Translations are by Tatiane Carolina Morellato, Fabiana Giaretta, Gustavo José Lara Campos, Douglas Sena Rodrigues (Unicamp students) 
    Revision by: Unicamp PhD students: Luiz Anselmo, Consta Nascimento Ifanger, Carolina Baldin, Prof. Ana Elisa Silva de Abreu (UNICAMP), Prof. Carolina Zabini (UNICAMP), Prof. Celso dal Re Carneiro (UNICAMP), Prof. Reginaldo Luiz Fernandes de Souza (UEA) and Caroline Ramos Araujo, Daniela Moreira Bastos, Tatiana Cezar (Unicamp students). 
    Earth Learning Idea videos: Unicamp students: Erica Rodrigues Soares, Bruna Cristina Gama Campagnucci, Bruna Eduarda de Almeida Valença, Secondary school students: Andreza Aparecida Machado, Luiz Antonio Pereira Ferraz, Sthefani Archanjo Silva. 
    Earth Learning – Brasil Facebook page: Tatiane Carolina Morellato, Bruna Eduarda de Almeida Valeça, Caroline Araujo, Flavia Miyuki Kojima, all Unicamp students. 
  • Maddalena Macario - Italian translations. Maddalena is studying for a doctorate in the University of Camerino. Her research project focuses on teaching methods and resources in the Earth Sciences. She is also involved with other teachers in UNICAMearth that aims to address the teaching-learning of Earth Science in Italian schools (elementary, middle and high schools). Lorenzo Lancellotti, a collaborator in the UNICAMearth project, is assisting with these translations, as is Prof. Eleonora Paris. Some translations by Nicoletta Scattolin and her students
  • Giulia Realdon - Italian translations by Giulia Realdon and her colleagues of the PhD school of University of Camerino. with assistance from Prof. Eleonora Paris and Prof Maria Chiara Invernizzi. Giulia is a retired teacher, now a teacher trainer, non-formal educator and science education researcher.
  • Dominik Conrad, Dirk Felzmann, Christiane Meyer - German translations: Dominik Conrad runs Earthlearningidea-based courses with his students at the Ludwigsburg University of Education, where his students translate and present a lot of Earthlearningidea activities. Dirk Felzmann - University of Landau, initiated and coordinates the German translations, Isolde Bauer University of Landau, rewrites the translations and runs the website. Christiane Meyer, Leibniz University Hannover, has supported the translations of over 50 ideas.
  • Celso Dal Ré Carneiro - Portuguese translations by Celso Dal Ré Carneiro, Institute of Geosciences, Campinas State University, Campinas, Sao Paulo with Nádia C. M. Hoffman, undergraduate in geology, and Gustavo H. Teramatsu, undergraduate in geography, both of Campinas State University.
  • Xavier Juan - Catalan translations by Xavier Juan, vice-president of the AEPECT (Asociación Española para la enseñanza de las Ciencias de la Terra) and Spanish co-ordinator for Science across the world.
  • Pawel Wolniewicz - Polish translations by Pawel Wolniewicz, assistant professor of Geology in the Institute of Geology, Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland, and an assistant curator of the Poznan Earth Science Museum. Pawel also runs a blog devoted mostly to geology and palaeontology which aims to promote the Earth Sciences to the general public. Anna Odachowska M.Sc., a teacher of geography and English, is also translating ELIs into Polish.
  • Peter Fararik - Slovakian translations by Peter Fararik and his team working for The Lepšia geografia (Better geography) project.
  • Shao Yanxiu - Mandarin Chinese translations by Shao Yanxiu and Zhang Lianhai of the Geoidea team. Geoidea is a network platform for teachers and students interested in Geoscience.
    Mandarin Chinese translations also by Julia Yuan Li, M.Eng. Imperial College, London.
  • Takashi Sawaguchi, and Megumi Watarai - Japanese translations by Prof. Takashi Sawaguchi (Natural Science Laboratory, Toyo University) and Dr. Megumi Watarai (Ph.D as a palaeontologist from Tsukuba University - now working at a private high school as a part-time teacher)
  • Michael Anjello Jothi Rajan - Tamil translations by Jothi Rajan, Associate Professor Dept. of Physics, Head Dept. of Religion and Value Education, Arul Anandar College (Autonomous), Karumathur 625 514, Tamil Nadu, India
  • IUGS-COGE - International Union of Geological Sciences - Commission on Geoscience Education: for a donation of US$1000 for the development of this project.

  • IGEO - The International Geoscience Education Organisation for international networking support

  • ESEU - The Earth Science Education Unit UK for sharing many of its activities

  • ESTA - The Earth Science Teachers’ Association for inspiring many of the activities

  • The American Geological Institute (AGI) Earth Science World Image Bank for supplying some of the photos free of charge.
  • British Geological Survey Geoscenic UK national archive of geological photos - free to download.
  • Geograph Britain and Ireland The aim is to photograph every 1 km grid square in the UK - photos are free.